Medical Aesthetics

We are proud to offer a wide range of medical spa services. These services are delivered by our professionally trained and certified medical aesthetics staff.

Our goal is to restore, correct and/or maintain your youthful appearance, while addressing your specific skin care needs. The minimally invasive procedures performed at our clinic are combined with an at home regiment to help you obtain the optimal results that you are seeking.

What do you want to achieve?

  • Reduce the signs of aging and wrinkle.
  • Improve your complexion.
  • Tighten skin and increase laxity.
  • Address skin pigmentation and color.
  • Shape and Contour your body & reduce cellulite.
  • Full lips and lip augmentation.
  • Treat spider veins.
  • Permanent hair removal.
  • Remove acne and acne scarring.
  • Treat Rosecea



HydraFacial MD

HydraFacial MD is a medical grade facial resurfacing treatment. It promotes long term skin health benefits and can be tailored to meet specific needs of all skin types. This multi-step treatment cleanses, evenly exfoliates and extracts to remove ay impurities and dead skin cells while simultaneously replenishing vial nutrients including Antioxidants, peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. The HydraFacial MD offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime or discomfort.

Click Here to check out the HydraFacial MD video.

$150 per Treatment

*Discount on series

Add Light Therapy for 20$

Led Light Therapy

Red Light

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps smooth skin for even texture

Blue Light

  • Targets and kills P. Acne bacteria, the strain of bacteria that plays a key role in causing most acne

IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Helps to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, boosts collagen. Addresses sun damage, age spots and uneven pigment. Helps broken capillaries, rosacea and diffused redness. Clears acne and prevents recurrences.

Full Face  –  $225

Hands  –  $90

*Specific areas determined at consultation. Spot treatment is offered for single areas.

*Packages of 6 save 20%

*Custom Packages available for specific areas and acne.


It removes up to 30% of the top layer of skin. It minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. It helps address uneven pigmentation, improves product penetration, improves circulation and promotes regeneration. It helps to detoxify the skin and increases the results of other treatments.

Dermalift: This pulsated and modulated micro-current retrains the larger muscle lifting the facial contour and neck. The bipolar wave forms current to facilitate product infusion increasing the results of other treatments

Pure Light

The Magenta ESLED has amazing acne clearing results. The acne fighting wave length lessens sebaceous secretion, is anti-bacterial, sooths and calms inflammation.

Green Light

The wave length of these ESLED triggers response in the pigment producing cells, normalizing and slowing production of melanin (the skin pigment) An incredible treatment for minimizing or elimination hyperpigmentation concerns.

$150 Per Treatment

*Add Light Therapy for $50

*Other areas: back, décolleté, upper arms determined after consultation

*Add Microdermabrasion onto a facial for $50

*Series of 6 save 20%

Eyebrow Microblading

Semi-permanent eyebrows using individual strokes.

 Laser Hair Removal

Angel Light Laser IPL

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Upper Lip                              50

Chin                                        50

Cheeks                                     100

Sideburns                              80

Neck (front)                          100

Full Face                                                175

Lower Arm                            165

Full Arm                                 200

Underarms                            80

Shoulders                              160

Full Back                                                400

Chest                                      185

Abdomen                              180

Stomach Line                        75

Bikini Line                              100

Brazilian                                 190

Lower Leg                             200

Thigh                                      250

Full Leg                                  400

Hands/Feet/Toes                   50

Unibrow                                   35

* Buy 2 treatments – Get 1 for Free

* Series of 6 save 20%

*Specific area determined at consultation

IPL Services

Acne Treatment

The Angel lite Intense Pulsed Light unit has been proven to be effective on acne on the face and back. A series of treatments is recommended to optimise long term results and prevent recurrences.

Face and Neck – $225

Face and Décolleté – $275

Back – determined at time of consultation.

*Save 20% on Series of 6


BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of both moderate to severe crow’s feet lines and frown lines between the eyebrows in adults.

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