Body Care Treatments

The time has come for you to spoil yourself or someone you love with one of Damara ’s world class ‘body care’ treatments. From therapeutic treatments to couples romance to an aroma soul scrub, your time for indulgence has come.

Therapeutic Massage

Just what you need to relax, renew and repair your body.

Couples Romance

Indulge with your partner in this ultimate relaxing experience.

Vichy Shower Treatment

Enjoy this soothing and relaxing treatment. (Saskatoon only)


Therapeutic Massage
30 minutes – $50
45 minutes – $65
60 minutes – $80
75 minutes – $95
90 minutes – $110

Just what you need to relax, renew and repair your body. All of our massages are performed by registered and highly skilled massage therapists. Consult with your therapist to select what type of treatment best suits your needs: relaxation massage, deep tissue or a combination of both.

*We direct bill to your insurance provider.

Massage Enhancements add 10 minutes  –  $25

Head Rush (scalp massage), 
Sole Solution (foot massage), 
High Five (hand massage), or add an extra 10 mins to your massage.

Body Enhancements during your massage  –  $30

Anti-aging eye treatment – Anti-aging eye treatment minimizes dark circles, swelling and expression lines with remarkable lifting.

Anti-aging lip treatment – Brown sugar scrub, and Optima D lip contour treatment, leaves lips redrawn, smoothed and replumped. Significantly reduces the depth of wrinkles.

Add Aromatherapy oils to your massage  –  $15

  Begin your journey with an aroma diagnosis and let the body and mind choose which rare oil blend will bestow the most benefit for you that day.  Now submit to the Aromasoul journey.

Aromatherapy Massage and Aroma Soul Scrub  –  90 Minutes – $140

A relaxing massage with your aroma soul scrub.

Hot Stone Massage

60 Minutes – $95
75 Minutes – $110
90 Minutes – $125

The body is massaged with warm, smooth Basalt Lava stones to provide deep heat therapy and relieve tense muscles.

Reflexology  –  45 Minutes – $68

Our Therapist applies pressure, stretch and movement to the feet to break up patterns of stress throughout the body and promote ultimate relaxation

Reiki  –  60 Minutes – $90

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. This treatment requires a 15 minute consultation before the treatment. Each session is done in silence.

Back Exfoliation  –  45 Minutes – $75

Treat those hard to reach places!  Enjoy a back cleanse and exfoliation, a warm steam, a therapeutic masque that addresses specific concerns and finish with a moisturizing massage.

Vichy Shower Treatments (Saskatoon location only)  –  $30

This soothing and relaxing experience begins with a body scrub or wrap, each designed to target your personal needs.  A therapist will apply nourishing body products to promote smooth,  fresh and healthy skin.   These will be removed by our Vichy Shower, with water cascading over the entire body. By focusing the water jets primarily on the reflex zones along the spine, sacrum and legs, the Vichy Shower effectively stimulates the internal body systems, circulation and offer a sense of relaxation.

Aroma Soul Scrub  – 45 Minutes – $70

Reflects ancient traditions and rituals of the Orient, Mediterranean, Indian or Arabin cultures while bestowing youth and splendor to all skin conditions. A state of harmony is restored and skin is left perfectly smooth.

Grotto Giusti Mud Body Wrap  – 90 Minutes – $130

A warm creamy mud treatment enriched with mineral salt and thermal waters from the Grotto Giusti river banks in Italy.   This wrap exfoliates the body with a scrub and bestows profound detoxifying action and promotes lymphatic flow.   It also provides relief for aching joints and muscle fatigue.  A massage with oils will hydrate your skin and you will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed with toned skin and body shape.

Tranquility Ritual Body Wrap  – 75 Minutes – $110

A deep hydrating and anti-stress body treatment.  Relieves state of tension and stress while smoothing and toning skin.  A journey of the senses results in an intense state of physical and mental well-being and comfort.  Delicate exfoliation prepares the body for tranquility cream massaged into the body delivering intense moisture. While the body is wrapped in tranquility body oil, a scalp, neck and shoulder massage complete the experience.

Tranquility Soak  – 15 Minutes – $20

Induldge in a Tranquility Soak in the whirlpool tub prior to the Tranquility Body Wrap *(Saskatoon only)

Luxury Lavender Body Wrap  – 90 Minutes – $130

This body treatment helps improve skin clarity, texture, toning, and hydration, and starts with a warm shower using Lavender Shower Cream.  Lavender Exfoliant is massaged into the entire body, followed by a Lavender Wrap. While wrapped in warm blankets, enjoy a scalp or foot massage. Lavender Moisturizer is then massaged into the skin to finish this luxurious totally relaxing experience.

Mango Butter Body Wrap  – 90 Minutes – $130

This moisturizing body wrap starts with a dry body brushing to exfoliate the skin. Next, a Mango Wrap is applied to the entire body. While wrapped in warm blankets, enjoy a scalp or foot massage. Moisturizing Mango Lotion is massaged into the body to finish. This treatment indulges the senses, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and improves elasticity.

Tropical Paradise Body Wrap  – 90 Minutes – $130

Your excursion to paradise begins with a deep pore-cleansing exfoliation using a coconut cream scrub.  You are then painted with coconut body butter and wrapped in warm blankets to promote hydration, nourishing and repairing damage to the deepest layers of the skin.  While wrapped in warm blankets, you will receive a relaxing foot or scalp massage.  An exotic massage oil is massaged into the skin to complete your journey.

 Warm Apple Cinnamon Body Wrap  – 90 Minutes – $130

Your journey into complete comfort begins with a salt scrub exfoliation using an apple cinnamon scrub. After a refreshing shower to remove the scrub, you are coated with apple cinnamon body butter and wrapped in warm blankets to promote hydration, nourishing and repairing of the skin. While fully wrapped you will receive a relaxing foot or scalp massage. Then enjoy a full body massage to finish this relaxing experience.

Water Therapies  – 30 Minutes – $45

Soak in our private whirlpool bath surrounded by candles in a total relaxation setting.  An aromatherapy blend of essential oils will stimulate your senses and lift your spirits.  Your stress will melt away and your body will feel rejunivated.  Application of moisturing cream will polish your body to a renewed softness.   Choose Mineral Salts in Luxury Lavender (calming), Tropical Paradise (hydrating), Mango (renewing), Eucalyptus (ease congestion and muscle pain)  Saskatoon Locations Only

Couples Romantic Body Treatment  – 120 Minutes – $340

Honeymoon, Anniversary, Birthday or Just Because are the perfect occasions to indulge with your partner in this ultimate relaxing experience.  Your body is polished with side-by-side exfoliations and then removed with a soak in the whirlpool bath with candlelight and complimentary beverages.   Massages for 60 minutes will then relax you beyond belief.  Yes it’s decadent and you both deserve it.


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